Because much like the zombies in a Hollywood Blockbuster, many cars have been killed off to then come back to life once again. Here, we’re going to have a look at a few of the models that have reappeared despite being given the axe.

Land Rover Defender

This is the big one. When Land Rover finally called time on its long-standing Defender, it wasn’t certain that it would bring a new model out to replace it. In fact, many people thought that the Defender name would be consigned to the history books.

But how wrong those people were. Land Rover chose to revive the Defender name for a thoroughly modern car which did have a few nods to the past. These include uncovered rivets in the interior and a side-hinged door.


A British icon, the original Mini made a name for itself with its incredibly tiny proportions and cutesy styling. It was imagined that when the last model rolled off the line in the early 2000s that things would come to halt, but there was a rebirth on the cards.

With BMW at the helm, a whole new Mini hit the scene. It kept the same iconic looks like the original but was larger, better to drive and a lot safer. Needless to say, it’s been a hit ever since.

Ford Bronco

So it might not be coming to the UK just yet, but if there was an American truck out there that could succeed on these shores it’d be the Ford Bronco. Taking its name from the iconic SUV which was first introduced in the late 60s, the modern Bronco is just as impressive to see as the original.

Plus, it’s packed with off-road features and can be customised with a variety of paint colours and trims.

Jaguar Reborns

More often than not, existing classic cars are restored to their former glory. It’s not very often, however, that new versions of classic cars are created using a combination of modern and time-honoured techniques.

But that’s just what Jaguar has been doing with its Reborn series models. It takes the blueprints of an original as well as a basic shell, before bringing these cars up to modern standards with the latest features and parts.

Bristol Fighter

Bristol is an iconic name among motoring circles and, for some time, it looked as though the company would fall into the list of now-defunct UK car makers. However, it looks as though Bristol has been given a new lease of life thanks to fresh investment which will transform the firm into a ‘leading British electric vehicle company’ by 2026.

Before then, however, it’ll be creating reborn versions of its classic Fighter. In much the same vein as the Jaguar, these models will be brought up to date with modern engines and gearboxes.

BMW M3 Touring

Okay, we’ll admit that the BMW M3 Touring was never officially killed off since it didn’t actually make it on sale. But the German has, time and time again, alluded to the creation of the mythical M3 Touring, but never followed through. It even created a concept version, but to no avail.

However, now things are changing. The most recent generation of the M3 will be transformed into a Touring – or estate – version, bringing performance and practicality in equal measure.

Suzuki Jimny

Suzuki’s little Jimny was a poster star for off-roaders. Compact yet impressively agile off-road, the Jimny could out-perform many much larger four-wheel-drives, despite being considerably down on power.

When the original was killed off, it felt as though one of the true characters of motoring had gone. However, Suzuki re-imagined the Jimny for the modern-day and hit the nail on the head, with a design and driving experience that more than lived up to the originals. Sadly, the Jimny has been axed once again – though it lives on as a commercial version.