It’s fair to say that when it comes to cars, British police aren’t dealt the best hand. While other nations normally choose domestic brands – a German police liveried BMW looks particularly menacing – UK plod tends to get lumbered with diesel hatchbacks. Vauxhall diesel hatchbacks at that.

Things are slightly different in the United Arab Emirates. With some of the highest rates of supercar ownership in the world, cops in Dubai need a fleet with the muscle to keep up in a high-speed chase. Fortunately, their finance manager appears to agree, and the force has amassed what must be the most outrageous collection of cop cars in the world.

And now, just to make their brothers in law enforcement jealous, the Dubai police department has released a new video, showcasing this amazing fleet.

This isn’t a stunt; fully liveried and decked out with lights and sirens, these cars are actually used for real police work in the playboy city. It’s an eclectic mix too, with everything from a rumbling Mercedes G-Wagen to a Bugatti Veyron patrolling the streets. Yes, you heard correctly: try to escape the fuzz in Dubai and they’ll chase you down in a 1,000bhp hypercar.