Designed for driving thrills and high-performance speeds, sports cars offer the ultimate driver’s experience. To own one is to own a slice of motoring joy, one that can offer endless days of fun. And that’s what the best sports cars are all about, how big of a grin can they put on your face?   


When you’ve purchased a fast sports car, what next? Well, undoubtedly, you’ll want to see what it can do, but first it’s important to take some time to get used to the vehicle, particularly if this is your first time driving a sports car. Take it for an easy drive on a long road and, when you’re confident, find those country lanes that snake and bend. When you’re ready, make the most out of the car and: 

  • Book a track day to put the car through its paces to see what it can really do. 
  • Take part in an organised hill climbing event and compete with other drivers. 
  • Join an owner’s club and share your passion for the car, get tips and insider knowledge and learn about upcoming events. 


This list is not just about accelerating speeds or how fast a car can go, as any sports car driver knows, to be a frontrunner is to juggle handling, performance, ride quality, and the sheer driving pleasure the vehicle provides. Often being the best at going fast, does not mean being the fastest… Please, read on to discover our top 10 best fast sports cars.