The electric car segment is growing thick and fast with new models being added all the time. In fact, with this rapid rate of expansion, there are more options than ever, with all manner of manufacturers jumping in with their own fully electric models. 
Because of this, buyers already have plenty of choice when it comes to new EVs. But which one should you check out? Here, we’re going through the top 10 EVs on sale today – and the ones coming up next year.

Reasons to buy an Electric car

But why should you opt for an electric car? Well, the running costs are significantly lower than those associated with a conventional petrol or diesel car. Those who are able to charge their cars at home will see this particularly, but even those who rely on public charging will be able to make a saving. 
In addition, electric cars cost less to maintain and tax, so other bills associated with motoring will be lower too. And then there’s the environmental take. Of course, electric cars are only as clean as the power they’re supplied with, but given that they emit no emissions, they’re much cleaner for the planet on a day-to-day basis.

Read on to find out our pick of the best EVs of 2021: