The new car market is vibrant at the moment – with models popping up everywhere as manufacturers hope to increase their sales in what is a challenging market.

And now we’re into 2018, we’re even closer to some of the best new cars going on sale.

Unsurprisingly, crossovers appear prominently, with new offerings from DS, Jaguar, Skoda and Volvo in 2018. It also looks to be a good year for hot hatches with fantastic models coming from both Toyota and Volkswagen this year.

You’ll find that some of the cars in this list are already available to order, but customer deliveries are yet to start.

If you’re feeling a bit impatient, though, we’ve also included nearly new examples of cars currently for sale at the same price.

1. Volkswagen Up GTI – from circa £14,000

One of Volkswagen’s most eagerly awaited cars in years, the Up GTI harkens back to the original Golf GTI. With 113bhp coming from a peppy three-cylinder engine and a light kerb weight, it is sure to be a thrill to drive. While prices are yet to be fully announced, it is expected to cost around £14,000 when it goes on sale in February.

Motors 2018 UP GTI

Can’t wait that long…

2016 Volkswagen Polo GTI

If you are wanting something a bit bigger for the same price, you could look at a 2016 Volkswagen Polo GTI. It is refined, well-made and looks the part, too.
We saw a 2016 model for sale with 20,000 miles for £14,000.

Motors 2018 Polo GTI

2. Volvo XC40 – from £27,905

The XC40 is Volvo’s first venture into the mid-size crossover market. It is one of the best-looking crossovers on sale, drives well and will even be available as part of ‘Care by Volvo’, where a monthly fee will include the price of the car, servicing, tax and insurance. The XC40 will hit showrooms in March.

New Volvo XC40 - exterior

Can’t wait that long…

2017 Volvo XC60

Volvo has only just brought out a new model of the bigger XC60, but there are some cracking deals available on late versions of the old model. We saw a high-spec ‘D4’ 2017 (67 plate) model for sale for £28,000.

Motors 2018 XC60

3. Audi RS 4 Avant – £61,625

Audi has only just released the latest version of its practical and exceptionally quick RS 4. It is one of our favourite cars that will come out in 2018 and is seriously worth waiting until February for.

Motors 2018 RS4 Avant

Can’t wait that long…

2016 Audi RS 6 Avant

Audi is renowned for its fast estates, and the RS 6 is its greatest – and biggest. It is extremely luxurious and outrageously fast, and would make a fantastic alternative to a new RS 4. We saw a late 2016 model for sale for £61,930 with 7,000 miles.

Motors 2018 RS6 Avant

4. Dacia Duster –  from circa £10,000

Dacia is renowned for its cheap and cheerful approach to motoring, and the new Duster will be an extension of this. While prices are yet to be formalised, expect it to cost around £10,000 for the cheapest model when it goes on sale in the summer.


Can’t wait that long…

2015 Dacia Duster 1.5 dCi Laureate

On the new version, £10,000 will buy you the most basic of models, so if you are wanting something better-equipped you are best looking at the used market. We saw a top-spec Laureate version of a 2015 car for sale for £10,295.

Motors 2018 Old Duster

5. Mercedes CLS – from £57,510

The CLS is Mercedes’ stunning four-door coupe, and the latest version looks even better. It gets LED light technology and comes with a huge 12.3-inch infotainment display as standard. The only problem is that you’ll be waiting until the middle of the year to get one.

Mercedes-Benz CLS, 2017

Can’t wait that long…

2017 Mercedes E43 AMG

As the Mercedes CLS is a premium car, it has a premium price to match. That means that for the same money you can get a very high-spec E-Class, which has a similar interior and looks equally fantastic. We saw a 2017 Mercedes E43 AMG saloon for sale with delivery miles for £56,000.

Motors 2018 E43 AMG

6. Jaguar E-Pace – from £28,500

The E-Pace is Jaguar’s smallest crossover now, although it’s still pretty expensive. On the plus-side, it’s exceptionally handsome and handles fantastically. While it is on sale already, you are looking at least a month or so wait because of demand.

Motors 2018 Jag E-pace

Can’t wait that long…

2016 Jaguar F-Pace

While the E-Pace costs from £28,500, you are looking at over £30,000 for a well-specced car. It is worth considering the E-Pace’s bigger brother, the F-Pace. We saw a mid-spec 2016 F-Pace for sale for £31,990 with 18,000 miles.

Motors 2018 F-pace

7. Toyota Yaris GRNM – from £26,295

The Yaris GRNM is the first European road car to come out of Toyota’s new motorsport division. It is raw, focused and fantastic to drive, if a little pricey at £26,295. The limited-edition model is expected to hit showrooms around July.

Motors 2018 Yaris GRNM

Can’t wait that long…

2017 Toyota GT86

As Toyota has not had a hot hatch on sale in the UK in a long time, your only other option from the brand is with the GT86 – Toyota’s two door sports car. It is similarly priced to the GRNM, meaning you can pick up a 2017 top-spec example from around £25,000.

Motors 2018 GT86

8. Skoda Karoq – from £20,875

And last but not least is Skoda’s latest crossover, the Karoq – the replacement to the Yeti. It is practical, well-made and great value for money. It has just hit showrooms, which means you probably have to wait long for a new example.

Motors 2018 Karoq

Can’t wait that long…

2017 Skoda Yeti

If you are a bit impatient, one of your options is to get one of the last Yetis ever made. It is roomy, and a bit more interesting that the car that replaces it. We saw a top-spec 2017 Laurin & Klement Yeti for sale with only 1,000 miles for £20,995.

Motors 2018 Yeti