In quite a literal take on the party bus theme, a music lover has converted his Dodge van into a mobile boombox.

Created by Californian Derek Wunder, The 24-feet long ‘Rockbox’ is based on a 1987 Dodge One-ton van powered by a brawny V8 engine.

Concealing a huge 125-decibel stereo, Derek can bring the party almost anywhere he chooses.

Modelled on the classic early 1980’s ghetto blaster, complete with opening cassette deck, the larger-than-life stereo is decked out in neon lights for that night-club vibe when the sun goes down.

Power comes from a 10kW on board generator, and The Rockbox is also kitted out with inbuilt DJ decks and a rotating LED beacon antenna.

Derek said: "My bus creates a party literally every time you park it and music is playing."

It was built in 2007 by a team of five people and can carry up to fifty revellers at once, with an open top deck for partying in the sun.

The bus has been a regular hit at America’s Burning Man Festival for the last five years.

If you love the idea of your own mobile sound system, you could be in luck as Derek is planning on selling his creation for the low price of $13,500 (around £9,000) due to impending parenthood.

While Derek claims the vehicle is easy to drive, he admits it requires careful care and maintenance and isn’t road legal. Unfortunately the 'Rockbox' isn’t sold with the huge sound system, that is available to buy separately.

Check out a video of The Rockbox in action below.



Daljinder Nagra


April 19, 2013