It seems like every little really does help, as supermarket giant Tesco has taken a huge leap in the petrol price war by offering customers up to 50p per litre off the price of fuel. The supermarket giant has started offering a series of in-store promotions that will see fuel vouchers, individually worth 10p per litre, available with selected products.

One voucher will be offered for every purchase of an eligible product, even if they are bought during the same transaction. Importantly, however, Tesco will allow up to five 10p vouchers to be used at once in their filling stations, giving customers a massive 50p off per litre of fuel. The promotion applies to the sale of both petrol and diesel, meaning that drivers could pay as little as 80p per litre of unleaded! These sort of prices haven’t been seen on UK forecourts since 2008, with the average price of fuel currently standing at 133.1p for unleaded and 138.2p for diesel.

The eligible products (all of which would be in a regular household’s weekly shop) are: – Two selected Andrex toilet rolls – Two selected Robinson’s juice concentrate drinks – Four selected Heinz products – Nescafe Original or Gold Blend coffee – Fairy Non-Bio washing powder Tesco’s UK marketing director, David Wood, said:“Most significantly, up to five 10p per litre vouchers can be used at the same time at our petrol filling stations. “This means Tesco customers who take full advantage of this promotion will save 50p on every litre of fuel they buy on our forecourts and they will enjoy the lowest fuel prices by far anywhere in the UK. “I am delighted that we can offer unbeatable value so that customers are making savings when they fill up their trolley and when they fill up their tank.” Will you be shopping at Tesco this week? We know we will!