An AA Populus survey has revealed that twice as many drivers think there is more of a temptation to drink-drive in the summer than there is in the winter.

The survey revealed that regionally, drivers in north-west England were most tempted to have a drink before driving in the summer, while those in Scotland and Northern Ireland were least likely to do so.

According to the Daily Mail, the results show that young drivers, aged between 18 and 24, are more likely to have summer drinks before getting behind the wheel than older motorists.

Meanwhile, two thirds of people surveyed said, when dealing with a driver who had drank one-too-many, they would confiscate the keys to the vehicle and call a taxi. The results show that this scenario was most likely to happen in Northern Ireland, where 80 per cent would intervene.

However, results also show that three quarters of women who took the survey would take away the keys from a driver over the limit, in comparison to just over two thirds of men.

The report uncovered that in southwest England, people were more likely to find an alternative way home and report the driver to the police. However, nationally, only 6 per cent of 23,450 drivers who took the survey would take this action.

AA president, Edmund King told the said: “We must continue to remind drivers about the dangers of drinking and driving. It is crucial that drivers and their friends and family consider the hazards of drinking and driving on all occasions throughout the summer.”

                Picture from Fotolia

Daljinder Nagra


July 11, 2013