Battery electric cars are becoming ever more prominent, with most of the major manufacturers having an EV model in the pipeline. Volkswagen is due to throw its hat into the ring with the e-Golf.

If you’ve been interested in making the switch to electric motoring, but have been put off by the rather quirky designs currently on offer, the e-Golf could be right up your street, looking near identical to the conventional current generation hatchback, save for some blue detailing around the grille.

Under the bonnet, however, you won’t find a combustion engine, just an electric motor and a battery pack large enough to give a driving range of around 120 miles, depending on driving style.

It’s got all the upmarket accouterments of the regular Golf, too, so you needn’t feel short changed just because you’ve decided to go green.

If you’d prefer a conventionally powered VW Golf, you can search for a used model here.

Daljinder Nagra


April 8, 2014