The Japanese marque is set to wow the crowds at this year’s Tokyo motor show next month with not one, but three cheeky crossover concepts.

We all know that imaginations tend to run wild with show cars but the trio of offerings from Suzuki could heavily influence the design language of future models and they hint at a very SUV-orientated future for the marque.

The first concept in the line-up is called the Crosshiker and it is slathered with Nissan Juke-esque crossover styling, sporting a raised ride height and chunky wheels. To appeal to city-dwellers, the concept will only measure up at the same size of a compact city car so imagine a Volkswagen Up! on stilts.

The X-LANDER concept isn’t quite as polished and instead opts for the wow-factor rather than practicality. The Tonka Toy exterior rides on the same basic underpinnings as the Jimny but does away with a roof and goes large on the wheels.

It’s very unlikely to see production but the new 1.3 lire engine that sits under the bonnet will likely be the biggest talking point and the most likely aspect to carry over into a road-going version.

Finally, the Hustler gives UK audiences a look into the world of Japanese micro-cars. These tiny city machines, such as the Daihatsu Cappuccino and Nissan Figaro, leave the smallest imprint on congested roads as possible but the boxy silhouette of the Hustler is said to offer unrivalled interior space.

Expect plenty more mad creations to surface at the Tokyo motor show next month and don’t forget to check back for full coverage.

Leon Poultney


October 31, 2013

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