In a move that will have motorists jumping with joy, Surrey County Council has said it will build a road that is guaranteed to last at least ten years before it needs repairing.

The ten-year warranty will mean that if there are any problems, the cost of repairing the surface will be passed on to the contractor that built the road and not the council.

It has been revealed that since the start of the year, Surrey County Council has been making road repairs at a rate of one every five minutes to fix winter damage.

To combat the problem, the local authority has pledged to completely tear up 300 miles of Surrey’s worst hit roads in a £100 million road-renewal project.

Improvements in road building and new watertight surface treatments such as Superflex – a new aggregate that combines high fatigue resistance with excellent deformation resistance – mean many of the new roads will come with a 10-year guarantee from the contractor.

Jason Russell, Assistant Director for Highways, told Surrey County Council: ““Our main problem is that some of our roads are crumbling at the base, making them very susceptible to damage. This is why we’re planning a £100 million project to rip out our worst roads and rebuild many of them from scratch, making these roads resistant to potholes for a decade.”

The news comes at a point where UK motorists are at the end of their tether with regards to the state of the roads as many have suffered wheel and suspension damage this winter, as well as delays to their journey thanks to potholes and crumbling surfaces.

Picture: Fotolia