Top Gear may have played around with slow-motion video when it was still on the air, but “The Slow Mo Guys” take this to another level on their YouTube channel, with their extremely slowed-down videos of a number of everyday occurrences.

Slow things down enough and simply splashing through a puddle becomes an art form, with the 2,500fps video – where the camera captures 2,500 frames of action every second – showing tiny water droplets being fired through the air as the car tyre ploughs through standing water on the Tarmac.

As the tyre rolls across the water it punches a wave of water droplets several metres into the air and straight over the intrepid ‘splashees’ – complete with lab coats – in this video.

Suffice it to say, the two presenters did get very wet in the making of this film…Watch the action for yourself in the video above.

Video: The Slow Mo Guys

Chris Lloyd


April 29, 2015