If you’ve watched any of the most recent Bond films, you’ll have seen parkour in action – a sport where people run, jump and climb across buildings – in a joint-testing display of extreme agility.

Well, this video takes parkour to the next level, by adding cars to the equation. With a stunning array of gymnastic talent and death-defying antics, a team of talented parkour athletes takes to the Tarmac to show off just what it can achieve with a trio of Fiat 500 Abarths, a warehouse, a skateboard and a few other cars.

This video rounds up parkour troupe ‘Sub Over Hype’s’ most impressive stunts, from a double car jump to a spectacular somersault through an open convertible roof into the driver’s seat, a skateboard wall drive and an even more tricky tightrope walk between two moving cars.

Watch the action in the video above and make sure you don’t try these tricks at home.

                Video: YouTube / SubOverHype