Tanker delivery drivers 'get rise they wanted'

June 18, 2008 | By | In Statistics

Supplies returning to normal after four-day strike hit suppliesThe tanker drivers pay dispute, which led to a four-day strike resulting in hundreds of petrol forecourts running dry, has ended. Employers are not saying how much they offered in settlement but the unions representing the drivers have told the BBC that they ‘got everything they wanted’.

The deal, thought to be equivalent to a 14% rise over two years, will take average salaries for drivers who deliver fuel to Shell garages to over £41,000. It is understood that they will get 9% immediately, plus a further 5% next year.

The announcement comes as pump prices reach new records. Diesel prices have increased by over 7p a litre in the last month to 131p – making our prices the highest in Europe after Norway’s. Petrol, meanwhile, has increased by almost 6p per litre to an average of 118p.

Business Minister John Hutton said he believed supplies would return to normal ‘within a few days’. He thanked motorists for ‘acting sensibly’ and not panic buying to worsen shortages.

However, worried by retail price inflation currently running a 4.2% – higher than for some years – he warned that the tanker driver’s deal should not encourage other workers to press for higher wage deals.

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