Surrey is Britain's worst county for pot holes

March 10, 2010 | By | In Statistics

New survey names county as having the worst roads, while councils face huge repairsHit a pot hole while driving in Surrey lately? It’s no surprise really. Because, according to a survey, the county has the worst roads in the UK for traffic-troubling holes.

According to data just published by car maker Kia, Surrey has 1998 officially logged pot holes, twice as many as Hampshire, which with 892 pot holes in the UK’s second worst county. Kent, which has 857 pot holes, ranks as third worst.

Kia’s dealers in the worst areas report a 150% increase in owners reporting damage from broken roads. Susupension failure, damaged alloy wheels and split tyres are widespread – and the average bill for repairs adds up to £750.

‘You’re hard pushed to move a few hundred metres without falling foul of a pot hole,’ said motorists Bianca Lee-Chang of Tadworth, Surrey. ‘Last week I had a nasty encounter with a particularly large pot hole and spent two hours waiting for recovery, followed by a £200 bill for the pleasure.’

We’ve just had the coldest winter for 30 years, and ice and snow have played havoc with road surfaces. According to highway authorities, £8.5bn is required to bring the nation’s roads up to scratch and a lack of funding has created a 13-year repair backlog.

And where’s the place with the fewest potholes? Carmarthenshire – which also has among the quietest roads anywhere in the UK.

Britain's pot hole hot spots

1 Surrey – 1998 holes

2 Hampshire – 892

3 Kent – 857

4 Hertfordshire – 855

5 Oxfordshire – 79

6 Essex

7 Lancashire – 733

8 Buckinghamshire 678

9 West Sussex 680

10 Gloucestershire 655

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