A week long study by Mobil 1 reveals the state of Britain’s roads and the psychological effects of highways on drivers.

Fronted by TV presenter and motoring enthusiast, James Martin, a team of experts travelled the country measuring the vibration and noise of particular roads plus the levels of stress hormone cortisol found in James’ body and his heart rate, whilst travelling.

From the results, Mobil 1 were able to ascertain that Britain’s best road was the A82 from Glasgow to Fort William (pictured), where Britain’s worst road was the M1 Sheffield. Other close contenders for the best road were A3 at Devil’s Punchbowl and for the worst road, the M8 Glasgow to Edinburgh.

James Martin said: “The Mobil 1 Mission was a grueling test, travelling a long distance across a variety of terrain. But there were some real adrenaline-fuelled highlights. I experienced some phenomenal drives through scenery I didn’t even realise we had in this country.”

“What many fail to realise is that these great roads are just a stone’s throw away. Hopefully this report by Mobil 1 and the Mobil 1 Open Road iPhone app will allow users to search for the top roads and inspire the Great British Public to rediscover the simple pleasure of driving.”

Mobil 1 has also created ‘The Mobil 1 Open Road’ iPhone app which allows drivers the chance to experience the twists and turns of the top ten best roads in the UK for themselves, in a bid to boost Britain’s love of driving.

To see the route in depth and follow James’ video and written updates, click here.

Stephen Jury


October 14, 2010

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