RoadSafe, an organisation who promote occupational road risk management to British businesses, is backing a call for more money to be invested into Britain’s roads.

In light of the launch of the Campaign for Safe Road Design tomorrow, Roadsafe are keen to abolish road hazards in crash black spots which are known to kill or badly injure motorists.

British drivers are almost eight times more likely to die on the roads than in any other daily activity, with workers at a particularly high risk considering 200 road deaths and serious injuries occur every week involving them.

Despite an increase in the number of safety features fitted to vehicles, the UK is sliding down the European road safety league table, ranking behind the Netherlands, Sweden, Norway and Switzerland who have all taken on the ‘vision zero’ concept – no deaths on the roads at all.

Tomorrow, the House of Lords are due to publish a new report – ‘Getting Ahead’, outlining the importance of proactive road safety measures being taken on Britain’s most dangerous roads where the crashes that cause death, injury and economic disruption are most likely to occur.

RoadSafe director Adrian Walsh said: “For more than a decade vehicle manufacturers have been building safer cars in response to the launch of Euro NCAP and companies are involving a growing number of their at-work drivers in workshops and on-the-road training to reduce their risk exposure. Now it is time for the Government to put its hand in its pocket and increase the amount of money spent on local road safety schemes from less than £150 million a year.

“Spending more money on road improvements will deliver economic and social returns as high as any investment in the economy. In addition, it will reduce congestion caused by road crashes, increase business efficiency as meetings and deliveries will not be missed by vehicles being delayed and employees will be working instead of being in hospital recovering from crash injuries – or at worse dead.”

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Stephen Jury


July 7, 2008

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