Going backwards cuts petrol bills, say motoring expertsWant to save an easy £100 a year on petrol or diesel? Here’s how. Reverse-park into the bay outside your home or office.

According to the Institute of Advanced Motorists, backing in rather than parking nose-first will have you £2 a week. The reasoning runs like this: a car takes, on average, a minute and a half for the engine to warm. During the first seconds after starting, it uses 20-25 times more fuel. The best and quickest way to warm it is to drive at normal speeds up to 30mph.

Low-speed manuvring – as you’d need to edge safely backwards from a bay – burns extra fuel. To save the full £100, you’d need to back in and drive off 10 times a week on average.

But aside from savings, backing in and driving out brings safety benefits. And, backing in is easier than some drivers believe, once they’ve learned the knack. In a car park with empty spaces, for example, the best tactic is to drive forwards into a bay and then reverse directly into the one opposite.

Stephen Jury


July 28, 2008

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