The title gs to a Bradford suburb where – amazingly – half of all drivers have no insurance.

As the number of uninsured drivers soars by up to a third because of the recession, it’s revealed that there’s one area of Bradford where almost half the cars have no cover – and are driven illegally.

The Daily Mail reports that every second motorist (49.5%) in Barkerend, West Yorkshire has no cover – that’s the highest concentration anywhere in Britain, according to a new study.

But there are others almost as bad. West Gorton in Manchester has 43% of cars uninsured, Birmingham’s Handsworth has 40%, the city’s Small Heath district has 39% and Bradford Whitefield has 39%.

Regionally, London has the worst record, with one in eight cars (13%) uninsured, followed by Merseyside, where 12% of vehicles are believed to be without insurance. And Greater Manchester, where one car is 10 has no cover. West Yorkshire and the West Midlands fare poorly, too, because 7% of cars are uninsured.

All told, there are 1.7 million uninsured drivers, of which almost a million are aged under 30. According to the Motor Insurers’ Bureau – the industry body that steps in to help where there is an accident and one of the drivers has no cover – three people are killed in uninsured accidents in a typical week, and a further three are injured. Nationally, over 232,000 drivers were convicted for having no insurance – but research shows that six out of 10 uninsured drivers think they will get away with it. But the police now have powers to confiscate uninsured cars – and last year they took 185,000, of which just over a third were crushed or sold.

Those caught also face six penalty points added to their licences and a fixed penalty of £200. Despite this, research indicates that one in 10 18-35-years-olds are even unaware that car insurance is a legal requirement.

The Motor Insurers Bureau is funded by the insurance industry but the cost adds £30 to a typical motor premium. The news comes as the Bureau launches its ‘Stay Insured’ campaign to encourage drivers to make sure that they have appropriate cover.

Stephen Jury


September 25, 2009

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