The RAC is backing Trading Standards (TSI) and warning young drivers to avoid purchasing vehicles that are barely road worthy, referring to them as “death trap motor vehicles”.

Both organisations are urging parents and guardians to be actively involved in the purchasing decisions of young drivers after recent findings by TSI and Hertfordshire police showed that five out of eight second-hand cheaper vehicles were not safe to be driven.

Research by the RAC supports these findings stating that 75 per cent of used cars inspected had faults which would lead to failure of an MOT with one in three vehicles having a potentially dangerous or even an illegal fault.

Nicola Johnson, Manager for RAC Inspections said: “Youngsters or first timers looking for a used car bargain are entering a minefield and are unlikely to have the right level of knowledge to know what to look for. This is where a mechanically minded friend or family member can help. Better still, parents or guardians would be wise to invest in an independent vehicle inspection which could ultimately save money or even a life.”

An RAC Car Data Check costs just £5 and will establish whether a used car is stolen, an insurance write-off, has outstanding finance or has had previous plates – preventing a first-time buying nightmare.

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Stephen Jury


June 30, 2008

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