SEARCH looks forward to the Premier League by selecting the perfect sports car counterpart for each team. In anticipation for the Barclays Premier League kick-off on Saturday 17th August, the people at have matched each team in this year’s league table with its perfect sports car equivalent.

The list highlights some of the performance attributes each club has in common with its respective sports-car, and fans can take as much enjoyment from watching their favourite team score a winning goal as they can from appreciating the beauty and power of these cars.

Many of the teams’ star players earn enough to buy their perfect sports-car counterpart on just one week’s wages. For example, Chelsea FC Forward Fernando Torres could buy a stunning new Lamborghini Gallardo after just a week on the job.

From the Aston Martin Vanquish for Swansea FC to the McLaren F1 for Aston Villa, the list includes some of the world’s fastest, best performing and most popular sports cars deliberately selected to mirror each team in terms of personality, performance and fan-following.

Phill Jones, Commercial Director of, commented: “While many of us can only dream of owning one of these cars, based on his 2012 salary of a reported £200,000 a week, Manchester United player Wayne Rooney could afford a racing-red Ferrari 458 Italia on just one week’s earnings. Over in the blue half Manchester, forward Sergio Aguero could comfortably afford a gleaming new Bugatti Veyron, priced at approximately £1.5million, before his team play Aston Villa on the 28th September.

See the full infographic for full details of Premier League Cars.

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Stephen Jury


July 29, 2013

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