Results from a poll shows a fifth of motorists still put themselves at risk.

One in five drivers still use their mobile phones while driving – even though research has shown that chatting at the wheel puts you at far greater risk of crashing.

A poll on the web site showed that 19% of drivers still talked regularly by phone while on the move. The rest (81%) said they never used their mobiles to make or receive calls while driving. This comes despite the penalty for talking on a hand-held while driving sitting at a £60 fine, plus three penalty points.

The results from our poll comes despite a study by the Transport Research Laboratory that says drivers are four times as likely to crash if they on the phone while driving – even if they are using a hands-free set-up. But the level of convictions – in south Yorkshire alone, police last year issued 5000 tickets for the offence – shows that the problem persists. And now, a number of insurers now rank points on your licence for illegal mobile phone usage as seriously as they do convictions for careless driving – which means they increase premiums and, in some cases, even refuse cover.

Do you text while driving?

Stephen Jury


August 20, 2009

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