Motorists lose cash on tyres

June 20, 2008 | By | In Statistics

More than £1 million pounds is being collectively wasted by motorists who fail to check their tyre pressure.

Despite petrol prices reaching more than £5 per gallon and diesel now at £1.29 a litre, research by Cooper Tire Europe has found that 95 per cent of vehicles on the road have atleast one underinflated tyre.

Deflate tyres not only increase fuel consumption but the life of the tyre is also reduced significantly as well as being a potential hazard.

Underinflated tyres can increase fuel consumption by 2.5 per cent which is an additional blow when considering that UL motorists spent £34 billion on fuel in 2007.

“Checking your tyre pressures is a mundane, but very simple, task,” says Cooper Tire product manager, Malcolm Jones. “As the ‘credit crunch’ grips the country, it’s amazing that drivers aren’t bothering to do it, as it could save them money and, more importantly, keep them safe on the road.”

Department for Transport data reveals that defective and underinflated tyres cause 1,000 serious injuries or fatalities every year which is why Cooper Tire recommend that motorists check their tyre pressures at least once a month, or whenever they fill up.

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