A survey revealed this week that 7 per cent of women drivers have had an accident whilst on a school run in the past 5 years.

Results also showed that 2 per cent more men have had an accident than women, and that women were more likely to have a crash in the morning as opposed to on the evening run.

The survey conducted by Sainsbury’s Car Insurance on 2,016 adults aged 16-64 studied car accidents involving male and female drivers delivering or picking up children from school. A total of 15 per cent of school-run motorists also admitted to having driven a young person to school without the child being properly restrained.

Some of the reasons drivers gave for erratic or poor driving included, the fear of being late for jobs or an appointment, traffic congestion and being distracted by children.

Sainsbury’s Car Insurance manager Joanne Mallon said: "The school run can be very stressful for drivers. Busy roads, children being noisy in the back seat, and the worry of being late for school or work can all lead to stress that can affect people’s driving. What is most concerning about our findings is that a significant number of people are currently not ensuring their children are properly secured in the car."

London based motorists were more likely than any other area to have a school-run crash whereas the East Midlands and West Midlands’ drivers were found to be the "safest" school-run motorists.

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Stephen Jury


April 30, 2008

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