Ford Mondeo drivers pound out more motorway miles than other drivers, says survey.

When it comes to racking up the miles, Mondeo drivers are kings of the motorway. According to a new survey the family-sized Ford hatchbacks and estates cover bigger mileages than other used cars.

On average, Mondeos travel 15,500 miles a year, almost twice what you should expect of smaller Fords such as the Fiesta and Ka, which each drive only 8000 miles.

Next down from the Ford is an executive saloon and estate, the Saab 9-5. As is true for the Mondeo, the 9-5 has a strong reputation for soaking up the miles without complaint. The Saab is a particular favourite among motorists who cover big mileages because of their smooth ride and superbly supportive seats. On average, they cover 14,800 miles.

Next comes the Renault Laguna and Volkswagen Passat, each clocking up in excess of 14,000 miles per year. The figures come from Warranty Direct, which holds facts and figures from 50,000 customers’ cars.

As you’d expect, smaller cars tend to spend less time chasing along motorways. Daewoo Matiz city cars run fewer than 7000 miles annually, while Nissan Micras cover only 7400 on average.

‘This kind of information could prove invaluable,’ said Warranty Direct’s Duncan McClure Fisher. ‘You may find a four-year-old Micra with 30,000 miles on the clock and think it’s a low mileage machine. But in reality, it’s just average. With shopping around, you could find better.’

Other cars which cover fewer miles than average include sports roadsters such as BMW’s Z3 and the Mercedes SLK, each recording 7500 miles per year.

Stephen Jury


May 1, 2008

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