Buying a second-hand small Honda? You’re making a wise move, according to research findings just released.

Warranty Direct, which insures 50,000 cars across the UK against breakdown, says that the British-built Jazz (pictured) is the UK’s most reliable small car. Even when it’s between four and seven years old, there’s only a one in ten chance that it will let you down.

The five-door supermini just pipped its Japan-designed rival, the Toyota Yaris into second place: this car has a one in nine chance of grinding to a halt once it reaches its middle years.

At the other extreme sits the Seat Ibiza, where there’s a near 50:50 chance of a breakdown. Most of its faults are suspension-related.

The UK’s most popular small car, the Ford Fiesta, comes in as joint third most reliable, with the Volkswagen Lupo. But good news for owners comes with its repair costs, which average just £91 per garage visit – half the average for the Jazz. All told, small cars are more reliable than off-roaders or big hatchbacks – and they cost less to fix, too.

Stephen Jury


October 6, 2009

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