How clean is your car?

April 7, 2008 | By | In Statistics

Over 4 million cars on British roads are cleaned out once a year or less.

Research released today from the Automobile Association (AA) has sited that 1 in 8 cars can go a year without being cleaned which causes unhygienic and potentially dangerous driving.

The figure has been made public by the AA in an attempt to startle motorists into cleaning up their act. Whilst 54 per cent of the UK clean their homes weekly, a staggering 46 per cent admit to de-cluttering their car’s interior once every six months. The AA state that harmless litter puts passengers at unnecessary risk, for example rolling bottles could impede braking, acceleration and gear changes, whilst dirty windows obscure vision and discarded toys transform into dangerous missiles when travelling at speed.

The AA is advising motorists to carry out a regular ‘muck-free MOT’ and rid their vehicles of non-essential items such as CDs, magazines and food and drink, and replace these items with vital tools like jump leads or a torch.

AA Patrol of the Year, Adam Ashmore advises: “Clutter in cars is understandable, especially if you have children, but the key is storing it safely. Simple tips like keeping a carrier bag in the car to collect rubbish or a box in the boot for toys can make a huge difference. Plus, making room for a few essential maintenance items is incredibly important. In an emergency or breakdown situation you’ll feel much safer and less stressed if you’ve done a little planning in advance.”

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