History checks give vital lifeline to car buyers

March 19, 2010 | By | In Statistics

Report highlights importance of knowing a car's history before you buy it.

A report published by the Office of Fair Trading (OFT) yesterday has stated that one fifth of buyers purchasing used cars end up having problems with their vehicle.

Six hundred mystery shoppers who visited used-car dealers were included in the study and reported that in thirty per cent of cases they were not shown a vehicle’s history.

At our USP of Free History Checks offers consumers piece of mind when purchasing a car and builds on our aim to be a trusted advisor, offering a safe place to search and buy cars online.

Our free history checks search the vehicles past to ensure the vehicle has not been stolen, scrapped or unofficially imported.  We provide impartial advice to potential buyers to educate them further in the car-buying process so that they can enter a dealership confident and ready to make the right purchase.

The OFT believes that unsafe or clocked cars account for more than £40 million of used car sales a year, so it is important to make sure your car is history checked before you buy.

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