Foreign-reg cars that 'disappear'

April 8, 2008 | By | In Statistics

Left-hand drive cars are flooding into Britain. And, once here, many 'disappear' into the hands of criminals.

Thousands of cheap foreign-registered cars are flooding into the UK – and, once they’re here, the Government can’t trace them.

Anyone brings such a car with them to the UK should, by law, register it within six months of arriving. But many don’t bother. And, because the DVLA dsn’t record these vehicles as they enter , they are hard to trace.

As it stands, there’s no sure way of hunting for them. Most are left-hand drive, having come from Poland, Bulgaria or France.

Without UK registration, owners can’t insure them or obtain a valid MoT certificate. Rather than make them street-legal, it is easier and cheaper to sell them on. And, because they don’t officially exist, many fall into the hands of drivers who wish to evade speeding tickets and London Congestion Charge fines, or even end up being used as getaway cars by criminal gangs.

According to the DVLA and the Association of British Insurers (ABI), more cars are crossing our borders and ‘disappearing’ than ever before.

The ABI is urging the Government to register cars as they enter and ensure that far fewer slip through the net as they do now. The Association also wants MoT tests in other EU countries to match the standards applied here.

Currently, no other MoT test is stricter and only those in Luxembourg, the Netherlands and Slovakia are as good.

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