Latest Ford cars offer a tyre monitoring system. In an effort to provide safer motoring, Ford has introduced an advanced system which alerts a motorist if their tyre is losing pressure while the car is in motion.

The system is designed to detect when a tyre is deflating and alert the driver via an in-car warning system, drawing the driver’s attention to the problem before it becomes a potential hazard.

For only £50 extra, Ford Focus and Ford Kuga can both be specified with a tyre Deflation Detection System (DDS), but it will cost you an additional £200 if you buy a Ford Mondeo, an S-MAX or a Galaxy as the system needs to be more complex to suit Ford’s larger car range.

Michael Kremer, Ford wheel and tyre engineer said: “These automated systems are not a substitute for regular tyre pressure checks but they do provide an important additional safety measure in cases where a tyre becomes damaged or punctured and the driver isn’t aware of the problem. “Keeping your tyres correctly inflated can also reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions, so these systems can help provide cost and environmental benefits too.”

Ford isn’t the first car manufacturer to introduce this concept, Renault also uses a tyre monitoring system on its vehicles known as Smartire.

Stephen Jury


April 14, 2008

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