Driver Satisfaction Index

May 31, 2011 | By | In Statistics

We have run a driver satisfaction survey and questioned 2,000 motorists to find out how they feel about driving in the UK. This researched highlighted that soaring fuel prices and insurance premiums have created a financial crisis for Britain’s motorists.

According to our research, 82 per cent of drivers are fed up with the cost of motoring and the state of UK roads, with eight out of 10 citing fuel costs as the main reason for their dissatisfaction. This has led to a third of motorists reducing the amount of time they spend driving.

We also found that 40 to 59 year-old drivers are the most fed up with the state of our roads, alongside Scottish drivers who are the most unhappy with the level of local road works and closures; poor road maintenance; and heavy congestion and traffic in their area.

Not surprisingly, more than three-quarters of motorists believe government policies are not supporting them.

Phill Jones, Commercial Director of said: “We have looked into driver satisfaction amongst UK motorists to gain a better understanding of the issues they face and the concerns that worry them. Clearly families, couples and young drivers are becoming increasingly frustrated with the amount they are paying to run their car. Rising fuel prices and ever increasing insurance premiums will inevitably lead to a steady increase in the number of motorists downsizing their vehicles to cut costs. This is a good time for dealers to engage customers with advice on how to cut the costs of motoring and drive sales of more fuel efficient vehicles, in low insurance and tax bands. ”

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