Student caught at over three times limit gets off lightlyA 20-year-old who drove through roadworks in a 30mph limit at a terrifying 105mph has walked free from court. Semir Nezirovic, of Heaton, Newcastle, faced up to six months in prison after he was clocked by a police camera driving his red Renault Laguna.

But North Tyneside magistrates accepted his guilty plea for speeding and imposed just a two-month ban. He will also carry out 120 hours of community service and have to re-take his driving test.

Nezirovic was caught on the Newcastle Coast Road, where a temporary speed limit was imposed during road works. There are lanes marked with cones on the dual carriageway linking Newcastle with Tynemouth, South Shields, Whitley Bay and Cullercoats while a bridge undergs repairs. A sign warns drivers to slow to 30mph.

A driver travelling at 30mph would have a minimum safe stopping distance of 75ft. But at 105mph, a car would need at least 656ft to reach a halt.

The court’s decision has angered road safety campaigners. Roger Vincent, for the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) told the Daily Mail: ‘the 30mph limit will have been brought in to protect road users and those who are working on the road, which is a dangerous enough job at the best of times, let alone with people like this on the roads.’

Stephen Jury


July 2, 2008

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