Don't panic, Brown urges strike-threatened drivers

June 10, 2008 | By | In Statistics

Four-day tanker strike could spark shortages at the pumps.

Prime Minister Gordon Brown has urged drivers not to panic as Friday’s planned strike by fuel tanker delivery drivers looms.

The action is intended to run for four days from Friday and will affect Shell stations, which supply a tenth of the UK’s petrol.

Gordon Brown is reassuring drivers that supplies should not run dry unless motorists panic and everyone rushes to fill their tanks. But the Government has already adopted emergency measures which allow fuel companies unaffected to take on extra stocks. It will also ensure that motorway service areas supplied exclusively by Shell – Fleet on the M3 and Taunton Deane on the M5 – continue to reach supplies.

The strike has come because the union representing the tanker drivers has demanded a 13.2% pay increase.

Union and management are meeting tomorrow (Wednesday) at conciliation service ACAS in an attempt to halt the action.

The AA has urged drivers to act sensibly. The organisation says that there shouldn’t be shortages in towns, while the Government has said it will ensure supplies are maintained in those rural areas where Shell is the main supplier.

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