Audi cuts servicing bills

March 4, 2011 | By | In Statistics

Discounts – and free MoT testing – mark push to tempt owners to use main dealers for maintenance and repairs.

A on-site survey has just shown conclusively that most drivers think main-dealer servicing and repair charges are too expensive. And, in a timely move, Audi is offering all private owners free MoT testing at its dealerships. Coupled with this, anyone who’s bought a second-hand Audi via the make’s approved used scheme can claim a £50 discount on the car’s next scheduled check-up. If they go for the free MoT, they’ll also receive MoT test protection, which funds up to £750 of repairs, should the car need them. This last offer is also available to anyone with privately owned Audi that’s over three years old, regardless of where it was bought. The only catch is that the car must have been serviced previously at an Audi centre.

What’s more, Audi is about to introduce an online booking service for servicing. By going to, drivers can pick the dealer they wish to use, decide what level of work they require, pick additional tasks or checks and book vehicle collection/delivery or a loan car.

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