Nottingham council heads plan to charge firms who provide parking spaces for staff.

Firms who provide car parking spaces for staff could pay a £350 a year for each, because of Government action announced today.

The Daily Mail reports that action to allow local councils to introduce such charges has moved a step closer. The action has sparked criticism from motoring groups, who say that, with the state of the economy, there couldn’t be a worse moment in which to consider placing an extra burden such as this on companies.

And now that the people of Manchester have voted a resounding ‘no’ to separate plans to introduce a congestion charging zone in the city, it’s unlikely that similar plans for other cities outside of London will take shape.

So it’s likely that the Govt may view the parking spaces charging scheme as an alternative means of gathering revenue.

So far, Nottingham council is keen on introducing such a scheme.

The government gave local councils the power to do this when it introduced the Transport Act 2000. But it left out provisions for how fines and disputes should be handled, without which no council could act. Now a 12-week consultation on the detail of such laws has been started, to report in March.

Nottingham intends to introduce charges from 2010, says the Daily Mail. It would apply to 500 companies within the city, who each provide at least 10 parking spaces for staff.

Companies who provided fewer spaces would not have to pay.

At first, the charges were likely to be around £185, but the intention was to raise the cost per space to £350 by 2014.

The AA has condemned the move. Its president, Edmund King, said: ‘the last thing that employees and, indeed, employers wanted was a tax on work in the current economic climate.’

Stephen Jury


December 12, 2008

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