BMW knocks Honda and Toyota off no1 spot to take honours as the car you can depend on.

When it comes to reliability, you expect Japanese cars to beat all comers. But the BMW 3-series has just been voted most dependable of all in a survey of leasing companies that spanned close on 900,000 vehicles. That makes it one of the biggest and most comprehensive of all.

The survey, compiled by business publication Fleet News, assessed 881,000 cars, ranking them by breakdowns per 100 vehicles.

The 3-series scored fewest, pushing Toyota’s Avensis and Honda’s Accord into second and third places respectively.

The 1-series and the Mini (made by BMW) also featured in the top 10 most reliable.

As a result, the company also took the honours as manufacturer of the most reliable cars, ousting Honda and Toyota from the top spot.

Most reliable manufacturers

1. BMW

2. Honda

3. Toyota

4. Ford

5. Volkswagen

6. Mercedes-Benz

7. Audi

8. Lexus

9. Mazda

10. Vauxhall

Most reliable models

1. BMW 3-series

2. Toyota Avensis

3. Honda Accord

4. Volkswagen Golf

5. Mini

6. Mercedes-Benz C-class

7. BMW 1-series

8. Honda Civic

9. Ford Focus

10. Audi A4

Stephen Jury


November 10, 2008

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