Giving your car keys to your newly licenced teenage children can be a nerve-racking experience for parents. Are they speeding? Have they got to their destination safely? Are they looking after my car? – all questions worrisome parents ask themselves as they see their offspring reversing off the driveway.

Now though, thanks to US company Truvolo, parents can find out exactly what their kids are up when they’re behind the wheel.

Its new device, called Truvolo Drive, plugs discreetly into a car’s computer diagnostic port, and wirelessly transmits all-manner of car related information to an Android-based smartphone application.

Data relating to almost every aspect of the car can be accessed, with the app allowing for automatic alerts should the vehicle go above a certain speed.

You can also keep tabs on where you’re children are driving, as the app will allow live monitoring of a car’s location via GPS.

It’s not all about snooping on drivers, however. Truvolo Drive can also calculate fuel consumption, find the exact cause of that blinking engine management light and even remind you when you’re car is due for a service.

Truvolo Drive is currently in its beta testing stage. Early adoptors in the United States can donate money to the project to receive an early development unit.

Interested? Click play above to watch Truvolo founder and CEO, Jaideep Jain, explain how the device works.

Do you think the ability to spy on your children’s driving is a good thing? Have your say below.

Daljinder Nagra


January 16, 2014

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