Spotify could soon launch an Amazon Alexa-powered voice recognition tool to make using its app easier in cars, if rumours circulating the tech world turn out to be true.

The music-streaming firm announced on Friday that it was to make a surprise news announcement in New York later this month, with one of the possibilities being a new music gadget for cars, according to UK Business Insider.

The rumoured gadget first appeared on link-sharing website Reddit in February, where users posted screenshots from their music app showing a pre-order for this in-car device. The Spotify advertisement appears to have been released by mistake.

The unnamed and unconfirmed device is believed to work in the same way that Siri does – featuring voice recognition tech to carry out functions. In this case, it would be to change music or playlists from your Spotify account.

With American users of the app having the option to purchase the device, either for a monthly fee of $12.99 (£9.20) or a one-off fee of $155 (£110), it does seem likely that the gadget will be brought to market.

Many manufacturers already offer voice recognition services in their cars, usually operated by having to press a button and then speak your command. BMW and Mini are integrating Amazon Alexa into all their new cars from the middle of 2018 that will allow users to switch and interact with services using their voice.

The new Mercedes A-Class, which is hitting showrooms shortly, also features a voice recognition tool that’s operated by using the words ‘Hey Mercedes’.

The news announcement from Spotfiy is being held on April 24.

Ted Welford


April 9, 2018