There was a sharp intake of breath around the motoring world when Porsche first announced it was to enter the luxury SUV market. How would a company with its roots in sports cars transfer its skills to off-roaders, the naysayers asked?

‘Oh ye of little faith,’ Porsche replied. The original Cayenne shook the 4×4 market, teaching rivals – particularly the then dominant BMW X5 – a thing or two about on road behaviour and handling dynamics. The only thing it was universally criticised for was its challenging physiognomy.

Porsche fans will be glad to hear that for the latest model the Stuttgart brand has fixed that. The new Cayenne is a much more handsome beast both inside and out; boasting an interior that is up there with the best in terms of quality and ambience.

It’s available with a wide range of engines, from frugal diesel and hybrid options, right through to the unhinged turbocharged V8 petrol models, which endow the Cayenne with performance worthy of its bonnet badge.

Used models start from around £10,000. Interested? Search for one on here.

Daljinder Nagra


May 15, 2014

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