British drivers are paying on average £396 to repair damage caused while looking for a space to park over the past 12 months, according to new research.

Of the surveyed 2,000 motorists conducted by Czech car manufacturer Skoda, 11 per cent said they’ve ‘seriously damaged their own car’ in the quest for a parking space during the past year.

As the National Transport Survey estimates 34 million people have a driving licence, this 11 per cent equates to 3.74 million drivers. That means potentially a staggering £1.5 billion has been spent on fixing parking mess-ups.

Despite this, 73 per cent of survey respondents claimed they’re good at parking.

A Skoda spokesperson said: “While many people feel confident in their parking capabilities, the numbers show motorists have forked out significant sums in the last 12 months repairing their cars from parking mishaps.”

In terms of exactly what accidents seem to be happening in car parks across the country, 40 per cent of respondents admitted to hitting a lamppost, tree or space divider, while four in 10 said they have hit another car with their door when getting out of their vehicle.

Skoda conducted the research to highlight clever features of its Kodiaq.

The spokesperson added: “Driver aids, such as the park assist function on our Kodiaq family SUV, help reduce stress around parking.”


February 18, 2020