Through Skoda’s Connect app, parents of children who car-share with them now have the ability to control where their car is allowed, and subsequently where it isn’t allowed, to go.

The system uses geofencing technology and works in one of two ways. The first involves the parent setting a green zone in which their child can drive freely – going outside the zone will notify the adult – and the other is the opposite, meaning a red area is placed where the vehicle isn’t to be driven in at all.

The function can be tailored to be active only on set days and times, along with enabling multiple areas to be monitored. Four area notifications can be active at the same time.

The Czech brand claim this geofencing tech could help in a situation ‘when the parents are on holiday this summer and don’t want their offspring at home racking up the miles driving up and down the country.’

The Skoda Connect app, where this parental feature can be found, is a hub for information about the status of one’s car. This includes fuel levels, driving data, whether the car is locked or unlocked and more.