Skoda has created a new smartphone app that’s able to listen to your car and immediately tell what’s wrong with it.

The firm has been trialling its in-house developed ‘Skoda Sound Analyser’ app since June 2019 at selected service centres as a way of quickly diagnosing what’s wrong with a car and assessing if any work is required – potentially saving customers time waiting while technicians find problems.

Using the regular microphone on the device, the app records noises made by the vehicle and is then able to compare these with pre-stored sound patterns of a perfectly functioning car. Skoda says the app can recognise the ‘smallest irregularity’ in a vehicle and can then suggest what work is then needed. Faults it can spot include gearbox issues, air condition compressors and steering systems.

Throughout the trials, which have taken place at 235 Skoda dealers, the firm has had a 90 per cent success rate with the app.

Stanislav Pekař, head of aftersales at Skoda, said, “Sound Analyser is a prime example of the new opportunities digitalisation at Skoda can create, even in terms of aftersales. We will continue to consistently use artificial intelligence technologies to offer our customers an even more personalised service, thus enhancing the customer experience even further.”