The Citigo lines up against siblings from Volkswagen with the Up! and SEAT with the Mii.

It's powered by two 1.0-litre three cylinder petrol engines, with either 59 or 74 bhp. Both are great around towns, nippy and agile, but at higher speeds they really struggle to keep up with traffic.

The Citigo is right at home in the city, riding speed bumps and potholes remarkably well, and the light steering means u-turns and reverse parking are an absolute doddle.

Inside, the dashboard is a baby version of the one used in bigger Skodas. It’s all very neat and tidy, and the cabin plastics are durable and classy. A touchscreen sat-nav and infotainment system is a nice touch, although it's not built in to the dash, meaning it needs removing every time you park the car.

Space is adequate for four occupants, although the boot isn't as generous as some of its rivals. This can be extended though with split folding rear seats. 

To sum up, the Citigo is a cute city car that’s cheap to buy and run, and because its from the VW family it’s built to last. It does lack power though, and the lack of space in the cabin and boot may put some off. 

Likes: Character, economical, well built

Dislikes: Performance, space, small boot

Sarah Lingard


October 27, 2014