While the Christmas period has been relatively frost-free, motorists around the country are bracing themselves for the prospect of snow, particularly as the recent weather has seen the mercury plummeting below zero on regular occasions.

Question is: How do drivers best prepare their cars for safe progress when the snow and ice really take hold?

The traditional answer would have been to trade in your car for a large 4×4 – something with the ground clearance and all-paw traction to make light work of even the heaviest snow flurries.

Thankfully, for those not wanting to give up their beloved sports car or executive saloon, there are a number of other options to keep the wheels turning in bad weather.

We spoke to Tim Shallcross, of the Institue of Advanced Motorists, to find out whether drivers should invest in a set of good quality winter tyres, and to discover the other alternatives available.

Daljinder Nagra


January 27, 2014