We all have an attachment to our car that we can’t explain: maybe it’s our first car that we took for a spin, or that battered old motor that we lovingly restored to its former glory. Whatever that attachment might be, it normally ends up that we give our beautiful used car a nickname. Lots of people think that this is just a female thing, but after a quick straw poll at Motors HQ, we found that the lads and the lasses both named their cars – obviously it’s something that humans just love to do!

The nicknames for our cars vary from the wild and wacky to something down to earth and simple, but they always tell us a little bit about the car and our relationship with it. Even if your second hand car is a bit of a non-starter (or particularly difficult to start) you’ve probably still given it a nickname: one of our guys used to call his motor Budgy, after the Little Helicopter, because it was just as loud! And of our girls called her car Little Skip, translated from the Swedish ‘Lille Skutt’, a cartoon rabbit in that country. Why the rabbit? Because it jumped every time she started it!

Girls names were pretty popular in the office too – just like ships, it seems that motors work better with a female moniker. Some of our favourite ladies’ nicknames were Valerie, for a car where the first sound out of the speakers was The Zutons, and the nice and simple Jayne. Doesn’t sound that impressive, but the car was named after the satnav voice – it was that or Tom, and the owner in question preferred the thought of a woman telling her what to do, rather than a bloke.

Some of the nicknames we received from our poll were, unfortunately, a little too obscene even to post here on the Motors blog, but probably our favourite, non-rude, nickname was given to us by one of our female members of staff. Even though she doesn’t own a car, her boyfriend does: to celebrate his Rastafarian beliefs, it’s called The Rasta Rocket. Nicknames don’t get much cooler than that! Don’t forget to share your car nicknames with us over on our Facebook page – we’d love to know what they are.