Do you crave a morning espresso but don’t enjoy paying upwards of £3 for a coffee at a high street chain? Seat could have the answer.

The Spanish manufacturer is offering a ‘Handpresso’ coffee machine for its cars, which fits neatly between the two cupholders in any of its models – from the Mii city car to the seven-seat Taracco SUV.

The machine makes a 50ml espresso in less than three minutes, which should prove to be the ideal wake-up call.

The gadget is powered by the 12v plug in the car, and while the machine comes with 15 espresso pods, it also comes with refillable pouches to have different coffees.

Seat also says it offers environmental benefits, with the Handpresso coming with two glass cups, which should help to reduce waste, as 2.5bn takeaway cups are thought to be binned each year in the UK

The firm could also save drivers money, with the firm claiming that it could save motorists up to £1,800 per year, with the Handpresso offering cheaper shots of coffee than your typical coffee shop. It could also save you time, with drivers said to spend 93 minutes each year in cafes.

There isn’t a need for it to clutter the cabin either, as when not in use the machine fits into a carry bag along with the glasses and space for the coffee and condiments. This can then be stored away in the glovebox.

The Handpresso can be ordered from any Seat dealer, costs from £185, and comes with a 12-month warranty and the aforementioned coffee pods.

Seat is by no means the first to offer in-car coffee machines, though. Fiat has offered its 500L with a Lavazza-branded machine that too sits in the front cupholders.