Hyundai makes biggest sales gains of any maker, selling 300 of its i10 city car per day.

Just-released figures show that almost 155,000 buyers have snapped up new cars using the scrappage scheme since it began mid-May.

Lord Mandelson, secretary of state for business, said the scheme – which gives new-car buyers a £2000 discount if they trade in a car that’s at least 10 years old – contributed to a 13.5% jump in car manufacturing and the first growth in car registrations since April of last year.

On average, new cars bought under the scheme have carbon dioxide emissions 25% lower than the ones that were scrapped. Regionally, the most orders via the scheme came in the south-east (18%), the east (12%), the north west (11%) and the south west (11%).

Currently, 38 manufacturers are offering the scheme, including Bentley, Porsche and Rolls-Royce. Of the others, Hyundai has done best, It has notched up more than 17,000 orders, or 300 a day since the scheme began. That’s enough to place the make ninth in current UK sales charts Its top seller has been the i10 city car.

The scheme will run until February 2010 but may end sooner if the £300m the govt has set aside to fund it is used up.