A new portable navigation device offers better guidance to drivers.

The Clarion portable navigation unit is designed to deliver the clearest route yet. It is capable of producing a 3D map of buildings, landmarks and changes in elevation combined with comprehensive land information and turn-by-turn voice prompts.

The system draws buildings in the foreground and background with buildings closer to the driver appearing transparent so that they do not obstruct the driver’s view of the next junction.

There are two high-performance programmes available, the MAP780 (Europe) and MAP680 (UK & Ireland) and both use digital elevation model data to draw height and depth features with countryside in 3D aimed at creating the most realistic view of your surroundings.

For the first time, the Clarion can also offer detailed lane information and Bluetooth technology. The system is capable of displaying SMS messages onscreen as well as touch-screen access to a phone or PDA. Audio streaming is also possible via an integrated music player.

The MAP780 and MAP680 are priced at £269 and £229 respectively, and are available via Clarion appointed dealers across the UK. For further information visit: www.clarion.co.uk.