If the plethora of nail-biting dash cam videos, the abundance of YouTube crash compilations and the smattering of high-speed police chases hadn’t already put you off a road trip across Russia, the video above certainly will.

Captured by an onlooker in the Russian city of Tyumen, the clip shows commuters happily going about their daily business as cracks begin to appear on the asphalt ahead.

It’s not long before the earth swallows a mammoth chunk of the road, forcing the bustling traffic to swerve around the chasm to avoid being sucked into the belly of the beast.

The plucky Russian motorists don’t appear to be too bothered by the situation, considering the earth is literally opening up before their very eyes. No, like most commuters, they simply charge around the monster sinkhole in a bid to get to where they need to be.

Check out the video above, it certainly makes the UK’s pothole pandemic look a little bit weedy.

Leon Poultney


May 12, 2014