The lanky Lothario and stand-up comedian is set to fight a case in court after being accused of running over a Los Angeles security guard with his Range Rover.

Victor Sneed, a security guard at a Los Angeles shopping plaza, is suing Brand for the injuries he suffered after the comic allegedly struck him with his large 4×4 vehicle.

The guard claims that he suffered arm, hand, neck and hip injuries that meant he was unable to carry on his role and as a result, is demanding Brand stump up over £120,000 in damages.

Those figures could triple if the British comic loses the case, with legal fees increasing the final bill to the tune of £360,000 or over $500,000.

Sneed claims that the injuries he sustained have already cost him £24,000 in medical bills and needs a further £100,000 in case he requires more surgery.

Brand is adamant the incident was not his fault and blames Sneed for his “own negligence” following the incident outside a chemist last year, according to court papers.

Lawyers will now spend the next 12 months gathering evidence on the incident before the case goes to court.

Brand has only been driving for two years after finally passing his test in California. The funnyman revealed in an interview to Piers Morgan that he didn’t get his licence in the UK because he was usually “drunk or high” while taking lessons.

"Learning to drive back in the UK as an adolescent, it was such a challenging experience. Because I reasoned that as I would always be drunk or on drugs while driving, I should learn whilst in that state. So I would drink and smoke and get myself all crazy, and then wonder why I wasn't picking up the rules of the Highway Code," he said.

Picture from Rex Features

Leon Poultney


May 1, 2013

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